Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Stele of Bethphage: Traditional rock from which Jesus mounted on to a donkey and rode to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. The paintings are from 12th C.

The 'Stone of Bethphage' was integral part of an earlier Crusader Chapel (12th Century AD) that stood over the site. The earliest record about the stone is from a monk named Bernard in 870 AD. In 1172, another pilgrim, Theodorici Libellus mentions about this rock as clearly visible inside the chapel over the site. The rock was shown to him as the one Jesus was standing when he send two of his discipleBolds to bring an ass and a colt. The last time the 'Rock of Bethphage' appears is in the writings of Franciscan Father Nicholas Da Poggibonai in 1345. He mentions that "In Bethphage there are neither walls or houses, only rocks and a large stone on which Jesus Christ sat when he sent the Apostles for the ass on the 'day of the Olives', or Palm Sunday". The rock was rediscovered only in 1867 when Franciscans were constructing a modern monastery in the old site.

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  1. Hi, I am very interested in seeing the entire list of 50 sites overlooked in Jerusalem. Is there a place where I can find them? Thank you so much. I am very appreciative of the history that you have given here of the Stele Of Bethphage. We were able to see this church and stele in October on a private 3-day Israek tour that I set up for me and my husband when we stopped there on a Bible Lands Tour for 3 days. This was my fourth time in Israel and was able to get some bucket list places on this tour. I am planning on returning to Israel to see more off the beaten path sites. Would love to see your list. Thanks so much in advance for sharing.